How do I give CBD tincture to my pets?

How do I give CBD tincture to my pets?

How do I give CBD tincture to my pets?

Simple, give your pooch a few drops—or the whole dropper—and adjust after observing the effects. You can experiment what serving your pet likes most, but we recommend you start small and gradually increase if necessary.Some dogs enjoy taking a tincture right from the plastic dropper, while others prefer it added to food, water or a favorite treat.

I need to know — is CBD safe for my pets?

CBD is completely safe for your pets to consume in the same way that it’s safe for your consumption. The effects of CBD come from its ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the body’s ability to process certain functions.These organic systems are found in every mammal on earth, meaning that many animals also possess it. This system is something that we share with our pets, and the differences are small enough that the effects of CBD on a human and the effects on an animal are extremely similar.

How much CBD oil can I give to my pets?

There is no clear-cut number that will tell you how much CBD you should be giving your pets. You should follow similar steps as those that you would follow when consuming your own CBD oil. Individual products will provide you with recommended serving sizes and instructions on how to administer their respective juices, oils and gummies.These estimated servings are meant to set an average size that will be adequate for those falling between novice and moderate CBD usage. Those who have used CBD products for years and have had time to build a tolerance to it will likely need to determine their own personal serving size.

Where can I buy CBD oil for pets near me?

Purchasing CBD oil locally for your pets can be tricky. Many companies are dissuaded from stocking up on CBD products and selling them to their customers. While CBD is safe for your animal, you likely will not find CBD products in their stores.The best thing that you could do is go online and research the smaller stores in your area that may carry the products. Places such as animal boutiques and clinics may carry CBDfx CBD oils. These stores often are not parts of chains and have a bit more freedom to select the items that they offer to their customers. Certain websites will help you search for stores that carry CBD oil for pets near you as well, making it even easier to identify places of interest.

What’s the difference between pet CBD tincture and human CBD tincture?

The major difference between your CBD and your pet’s CBD is that a product geared toward pets is going to provide a concentration of CBD more suited to their size and weight. Cannabidiol intake varies from person to person, as well as from animal to animal.One big factor in determining adequate CBD serving size is weight. Someone who weighs more is going to need more CBD in order to feel the same effects as someone who is lighter. Similarly, height can play a part in the effectiveness of CBD on humans and animals. A grandmother and a professional wrestler will be consuming different serving sizes of CBD, and comparisons like this can be made for animals as well.For these reasons, the CBD provided to your pet and the CBD provided to you are of very different concentrations.

How much CBD per weight do I give my pet?

There is no universal CBD serving size for animals or humans. The concentration and volume of CBD that your pet consumes is determined primarily by their weight. Unlike humans, pets are unable to vocalize the way that CBD is affecting them, so this manner of estimating their personal serving sizes is not feasible.Weight, then, becomes the universal measuring tool for establishing how much CBD an animal should have. The amount of CBD increases in relation to the weight of the animal, meaning that a larger, heavier animal is going to require a much larger serving of CBD than one that is smaller and lighter. Height can also be used as an indicator of CBD intake, and can be treated in a similar fashion.

I see your pet CBD comes in three different mg strengths — why?

Questions surrounding the difference of mg—or milligrams—in CBD products for pets are the same as those surrounding CBD concentration. The amount of milligrams of CBD in a product is often portioned according to the type of animal that the product is being geared toward.Some products are filled with CBD, while others contain almost none. Those with high concentrations are usually designed with larger animals in mind. If you own a large animal and are searching for a CBD product that will satisfy it, these are the ones you should be looking into. The reverse could be said for products with low concentration. These are ideal for smaller animals whose weights signal that they do not require much CBD in order to feel its effects.

Top 10 CBD Oil Benefits

Top 10 CBD Oil Benefits






  1. Relieves pain and inflammation
  2. Reduces anxiety
  3. May prevent seizures
  4. Improves mood
  5. Promotes better sleep
  6. Aids in the treatment of cancer
  7. Helps digestion
  8. Offers neuroprotective advantages
  9. Promotes better heart health
  10. Alleviates skin irritations
  11. May help combat addiction
  12. May help parents and children

We will be looking further into many of the benefits listed above in further articles.






CBD and Fitness

CBD and Fitness

CBD can be used as a pre- or post-workout supplement to aid with energy and recovery.

There is a lot of interest in CBD among the fitness community because of its many health benefits. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle, or just get healthy, CBD may play a helpful role in your exercise routine.

CBD has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-stimulating effects that can support post-workout recovery.

It can also be used pre-workout to reduce pain sensitivity as well as reduce cortisol, helping you go harder during your workout.

Can CBD Benefit My Exercise Routine?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana which is known for its many medical benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high.

Many people have started integrating CBD into their fitness routines. Some yoga studios and gyms have begun embracing cannabis use. Some “ganja yoga” studios even offer students vaporizers with THC or CBD to use during the class.

CBD has many properties that make it a good supplement for fitness-minded folks. Many people use it as a post-workout recovery aid, while others like to use it as a pre-workout boost.

CBD has different benefits depending on whether you use it as a pre- or post-workout supplement.

While CBD was once banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, this ban was lifted in 2017. It is now accepted for use by professional athletes.

CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement

CBD has many benefits as a pre-workout supplement, including reducing your sensitivity to pain, boosting your energy, and acting as an anti-catabolic.

Studies have shown that CBD is an analgesic, meaning it effectively relieves pain. This ability to reduce sensitivity to pain can help you go harder during a workout because you won’t be as sensitive to pain signals from your muscles.

Many people also use CBD as a general energy and mood booster. CBD has antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects, which can help you feel more energized, positive, and motivated to perform your workout, especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety.

Another pre-workout benefit of CBD is that it’s thought to act as an anti-catabolic.

Catabolic hormones act to break down muscle tissue, which is the opposite of what you want during a workout. One important catabolic hormone is cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

One of cortisol’s main functions is to break down muscle tissue to supply the body with blood sugar. A 1993 study found that volunteers given CBD showed decreased cortisol levels in their blood.

This effect can prevent the breakdown of muscles during your workout, helping you to gain lean body mass more easily.

If you’re using CBD specifically as an anti-catabolic, make sure you’re not using any pre-workout drinks that contain caffeine. Unlike CBD, caffeine raises cortisol levels.

CBD as a Post-Workout Supplement

Using CBD as a post-workout supplement seems to be the most common use in the fitness community. The benefits of using CBD post-workout include reduced muscle soreness, less inflammation, appetite stimulation, and relaxation.

CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help you recover faster and deal with symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness.

CBD can also aid with relaxation and may help you get better sleep at night. Getting enough rest is an important part of post-workout recovery.

Muscle recovery takes place while you sleep, meaning anything that improves your sleep can also help you build muscle.

Finally, while there is not a lot of research on the matter, some people find CBD can stimulate their appetite and help them eat their post recovery meal.

It’s important to consume enough protein after a workout to help you build muscle, so if you struggle to eat enough, CBD may be able to help.