CBDfx Calming Tincture – 4000mg CBD / 150mg CBN


Why Choose CBDfx Calming Tincture?
• Choice of potency: 500, 1000, 2000 & 4000mg of CBD
• More than CBD—rich full spectrum profile features the sleep
enhancing properties of CBN
• Solvent-free hemp oil from pure, single-pass CO2 extraction
resulting in a safer and cleaner end product
• Great taste—unlike most CBD oils on the market, these
tinctures have an enjoyable flavor
• Always 100% vegan and PETA certified


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CBDfx’s new Calming Tincture contains a sleep-enhancing combination of CBD + CBN to produce better quality
sleep. When you need to unwind, a dropper of Calming Tincture delivers all the wellness benefits of a standard
tincture oil with the added power of CBN—known for its potent calming properties—along with a curated blend
of terpenes specifically selected for their relaxation qualities. CBDfx’s Calming Tincture is non-habit forming and
so can be taken night-after-night, unlike Melatonin.
This full spectrum tincture is intended for evening use
as a way to decompress from the day and prepare
the body for a good night’s sleep.