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CBDfx Soothing Bath Bomb


CBDfx Bath Bombs melt away the day’s tensions with an aromatic blend of skin-softening botanicals. The Recharge Bath Bomb is an energizing mix of CBD; along with essential oils like peppermint and arnica that relieve overworked joints and muscles and eucalyptus to ease tension.


Our Soothing Bath Bomb explodes with lavender essential oil and Hawaiian Black Salt to smooth and detox the skin. Contains no dyes to irritate the skin or stain your tub! Our product contains 99% pure non-gmo, organically grown cbd.

Why Choose CBDfx Bath Bombs?

• Two variations to refresh or relax: Recharge (Eucalyptus) & Soothing (Lavender)
• 200mg CBD per bomb
• More than CBD—effective essential oils, arnica, and Hawaiian Black Salt to enhance the bathing experience
• Not tested on animals; cruelty-free
• Free of dyes; naturally scented